Other Uses


Other Uses

Lytag®'s qualities make it ideal for arrestor beds, filter systems, roof tiles, sports surfaces and more.

Image shows Lytag in deceleration testing at Brands Hatch, 1968


Lytag® does not compact over time, making it ideal for arrestor beds like the these at Dover

Arrestor Beds
Lytag® does not compact over time, so runaway vehicles will always sink into the bed allowing drag forces to stop them safely and with minimal damage. Lytag® is ideal for roadside, airport runway, race circuit and dockside arrestor beds.

Pipe Bedding
Lytag® is a suitable material for bedding pipes with drainage systems as required by specifications such as EN 1610. Providing a rounded, lightweight backfill material in particular for geocellular systems that may be affected by large, angular aggregate in excavated material or, heavy, poor draining soils that will have their soakaway characteristics improved.


Being heated to 1,100°C during manufacture means Lytag® means Lytag is more stable at higher temperatures

Lytag® has excellent thermal insulation properties and is a Class 1 fire resistant aggregate. 

Biological Filter Systems 
Lytag® is an ideal material for use in biological filter systems where a bacterial film has to anchor and develop.

A Growing Medium
Lytag® can rapidly absorb up to 30% of its own weight when immersed in water which is then released over time providing a controlled environment.

Sports Surfaces and Play Areas
When incorporated into proprietary designed systems, Lytag® remains solid enough for running on, but soft enough to minimise injury or impact on falling.

Other uses

Lytag®'s qualities make it ideal for a wide range of uses, including:
  • Arrestor beds (Lytag® does not compact over time;
  • Pipe bedding (Lytag® drains well and doesn't damage piping);
  • Refractory (Lytag® is a Class 1 fire resistant aggregate);
  • Biological filter systems (Lytag® allows a bacterial film to develop);
  • A growing medium (Lytag® absorbs water and releases it over time);
  • Sports surfaces and play areas (Lytag® is solid enough to run on and soft enough to reduce injury).